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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the transit agency is determined to improve your safety. >> big apple announcement yesterday. apple saying goodbye to google and hello facebook. later, a tech expert will join us to talk about the company's next upgrades. good morning tuesday june 12th a live lookout side right now that is our tower cam, looks like some rain in the sky certainly streets have been wet all morning long. we will get a check of weather in just a moment. first we get to say good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news i am will thomas, sitting in for tony perkins. doing my best. >> you are doing a fine job. >> i am allison seymour. a check of weather the key today is umbrella right tucker? >> definitely will. you got it, daytime hours, see some on gain off again rain
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showers maybe a thunder storm or two. be ready for a wet one. there is a live look at your radar see the shower activity hit and miss across the region. starting to get showers redeveloping in parts of montgomery county, louden county, lees burg, gaithersburg, a few more showers southeast of the city, down towards oxen hills. check back in later today more showers kind of filling in from time to time, and as mentioned the possibility of a storm too. regan national warmth and humidity out there, 70 degrees right now, as regan national humidity 87%, dew point temperatures well into the 60s not very comfortable across the region. here is your forecast, we should see highs top out 80 degrees, lots of clouds around, and again showers with us here on and off throughout your tuesday. more details on the forecast, let 's see traffic. lauren.
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i think so tuck. a lot of traffic out there, lots of little fender benders dealing with problems on the belt way take a live look at the inner loop, starting the get jammed up as you approach i- 95 and college park because of an accident on the ramp. the left part of the ramp is blocked police saying you are able to get by squeezing right but everybody barely moving, on to the inner loop, to i-95 college park outer loop, slowing leaving college park. that is due to an earlier wreck prior to 355, just jammed at university boulevard, to the left of your screen outer loop heavy and slow the entire stretch from college park all the way to bethesda at this point. 66 slowing, fairfax county parkway toward 123, 270, slow traffic out of frederick in towards father hurly and rockville to the split, 95 northbound dale city to newington, 395, belt way to
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duke street heading across the 14th street bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. in this mornings big story president obama is losing his commerce secretary at least for now. >> john bryson announced last night he will take a temporary medical leave. doug luzader is live with more on the reasons before this decision good morning. >> reporter: good morning yeah, commerce secretary john bryson is taking a medical leave of absence after this strange series of car accidents over the weekend. what exactly happened to commerce secretary john bryson? the department says he only has limited recall of the series of car dents he caused over the -- car accidents he caused over the weekend after suffering a seizure. two days later the white house is unsure. >> we are concerned about the incident and secretary bryson's health related issues that
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played a role in this incident and still gathers information. >> reporter: by the end of the day bryson was out on medical leave his responsibilities handed off to a deputy. it is one more difficulty for the white house as the president tries to regain footing on the economy he is still trying to recover from comments last week the private sector is doing fine. to help retool the message he met with a number of local tv reporters almost exclusively from swing states to talk about the economy. >> wind, solar, i think it is a huge opportunity for rural communities and we have been able to almost double our investment in clean energy. >> reporter: but that came on a day when the markets were tanking dow plummeted 143 points with growing concerns about europe just one more headache, for the white house. then there is the campaign to think about president will spend most of today, attending
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political fundraisers. doug luzader thank you. polls now open in virginia on this primary day. voters are choosing republican candidate for u.s. senate. others include the u.s. house, district 8 democratic party the seat held by jim morran a remust bely can -- a republican candidate will be chosen. polls will remain open until 7:00 p.m. president obama takes his campaign to maryland today. he will take part in a private reception at a home in owings mills this afternoon then on to the hyatt regency in baltimore hosted by martin o'malley. he then goes to philadelphia. presumptive republican nominee, mitt romney will be in florida today.
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the former governor is well aware how important florida is to winning in november and recently opened several campaign offices throughout the state. in the sunshine state a legal stand off is brewing with the obama administration. florida filed a lawsuit that demands the state be given the right to check names of registered voters in an attempt to eliminate anyone from vote hog does not have the right to to -- voting who does not have the right to do so. they call it voter purging but governor scott says it is about keeping an accurate and fair election. >> this is not a partisan issue, this is an issue that we need to have fair elections in our state. i want to make sure when we have elections your vote not one person's vote gets diluted by some body who doesn't have the right to vote. >> a lawsuit was filed the same day the justice department
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filed plans to ask the state to move ahead pushing non-u.s. citizens from the voter rolls. a look at this mornings other top stories an investigation under way after a 23-year-old man was hit by a csx train here in rockville. happened late last night randolph near neville. officers are looking into whether the victim was playing a game of chicken on the tracks. no word on how he is doing. maryland state police want your help locating this man. they say conrad banes walked away from a prison road crew in prince georges county yesterday. the crew was working on route 197 he is serving 10 years for manslaughter and handgun violations. fox 5 is monitoring metro, officials have listened to feedback how to improve service
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and safety. >> metro is responding with its new customer service action plan. sherry lee is live in northwest with all the details sherry i imagine a lot of folks are hoping for improvement especially when it comes to those esculators. >> yeah, definitely with the esculators you hear that one all the time. this is a 50 point customer service action plan based on a survey of customers and employees and they had a long list of complaints, so here are some of what metro is doing more police officers, closed circuit security cameras on all buses by mid-july, improved lighting, it will step up cleaning and rail cars and add real time bus information, for metro access riders confused about fares, there will be a fare calculator and creating a
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real time esculator monitoring system. rail, bus and metro access for the disabled, and on top of the list, were concerns about safety and security. budget calls for about two dozen maybe a little more officers, assigned to metro bus and we are also staffing up of course the silver line, so the size of metro transit police will grow. we are using new and innovative tactics to keep crime at a low level. >> all this won't cost anything additional considering riders will see a fare increase in july. the initiatives are budgeted already. here is another thing that you will hear from riders this is one of those pesky things you go to the metro station and hear the speaker and are like what is that saying? metro is upgrading their speaker system. back to you. thanks. metro is also encouraging
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riders to trade-in paper fare cards to plastic ones. you can transfer up to 20 bucks from a paper card to a smart trip card. the maximum used to be 7 bucks if you don't make the switch metro will make you pay for that starting july 1st, customers using paper fare cards will be charged an extra dollars for trips. their way of encouraging you. >> yeah, i can totally relate to that, wah wah like the teacher in charlie brown cartoons. police in the state of alabama swarm a house overnight, searching for the suspect in the deadly shootings near auburn university. more on that just ahead. case about a serial predator or accuse evers looking for a pay out. -- accusers looking for a pay out. the jury hears from one of the alleged victims in the sex abuse case against jerry sandusky, more on that, with our live interview as we continue. plus a spreading wild fire in colorado has now turned
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deadly. the latest on efforts to contain this massive blaze. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side right now, wet one. we are getting the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren as we continue time now 7:11 a.m. on the nose 
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wild fires out west making headlines. authorities in colorado say they have found remains of a person reported missing in an area burned by the blaze. over the weekend a firefighter who tried to get to the 672- year-old's home to warn her was -- 62-year-old's home to warn her was chased out by the flames. the colorado fire is zero percent contained an elite fire fighting crew has arrived to help and forest service is planning to bring in a water
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tanker from alaska and four from canada. police continue their search for a man who shot and killed four people near auburn university. authorities swarmed a house in montgomery, thinking that suspect was hiding there but after an exhaustive search they left the home five hours ago. take a look at this navy drone crashes on maryland'seastern shore. it went down around noon during a training flight after taking off from the naval air station. there were no injuries or damage on the ground but it was a $176 million drone used mainly for recog sans. wonder if someone is getting in trouble for that. turn to the skies, and all the rain. on and off. i have learned the script well but a messy day. >> sunshine back in the forecast but today mostly
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cloudy not a great looking day warm, very humid, even during your afternoon hours. >> swamp like. >> yes. >> swamp days in washington. >> that is a way to describe it. >> all these kids going to school for the last day before the break they are like i don't care if it's raining. >> let's look at radar. shower activity moving through southwest to northeast, this morning, you can see it is not everywhere but we are seeing a few showers, fill in here on our radar i think they will be with us for most of the day today through your evening commute and things start to taper off tonight. could be a thunderstorm, mention that as the cold front moves in from the west it will squeeze out all the water we have in the atmosphere. a chance of thunderstorms as well. let's look at the bigger picture. we are pulling moisture from the south, talking about all that heavy rain parts of florida during the past couple days picked up over 20 inches of rain and we are not going to deal with that around here but some of that moisture is being pulled up from the carolinas. shower activity back in the
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forecast the actual forecast is back in central ohio that will get through later tonight and set us up for generally a nice looking middle and end to the week. right now the weekend is looking pretty good too. hang in there we need rain showers we will get them today and get it out of here. 80 this afternoon cooler than we have been there you go middle and end of the week lots of sunshine temperatures low tomid-80s by friday and saturday. >> good looking weekend >> chef thanks tuck. >> tony on vacation, check, sarah out sick, hope you feel better, julie, vacation. so lauren, demarco in for julie. >> no secret, nice weekend, she is having a good time i am quite sure. listen we have been dealing with problems on the belt way, montgomery county want to start off with that again. live look. inner loop heavy and slow approaching college park widened out the camera, you can see the impact this is having, travelling the inner loop ramps 95 find the left side tied up
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with a wreck. move on the traffic land outer loop also jammed heading into montgomery county from before new hampshire avenue, around to 355, it has cleared out of the way, 270, southbound, reports of an accident near exit 6, 28, west montgomery, a little bit of delay here, off and on. didn't see any accident in our camera angles, 95 virginia, heavy and slow, wood bridge, toward newington toward king street again across the 14th street bridge. want to check out waze, we do have some reports of slow traffic, 295 leaving the belt way heading up toward the douglas bridge. this is donna d a fox 5 wazer if you would like to get the ap, connect with us joining the wazers group. will over to you. thank you. day 2 of the jerry sandusky trial gets under way this morning, second accuser is expected to take the stand following one of the alleged
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victims graphic testimony, yesterday. in fact the 28-year-old says, what began as soap battles in the shower, escalated into inappropriate touching and oral sex. prosecution and defense facing off in opening arguments in the trial of retired penn state coach jerry sandusky. one side painting him as a serial predator the other saying alleged victims have a financial interest. 68-year-old sandusky battling against 52 criminal counts, denying charges that he sexually abused ten boys over a period of fifteen years. prosecutors say sandusky groomed these boys, gave them gifts and abused them over and over again. six of the alleged victims had no fathers in their lives if first witness on the stand referred to in court documents as victim number four saying of sandusky quote, he made me feel like i was his girlfriend he acted like he was my dad. sexual accusation cases
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credibility of the accuser is paramount of everything that goes on in a case like this. victims advocates say many witnesses called to testify were not yet ready to tell their story but complied. >> this morning prosecution opened the door to justice and what we saw was not pretty. and we are told of the types of abuse that is correct these victims will be forced to testify about. the judge opting not to sequester the jury saying he trusts them to avoid reading or watching reports about the case. the panel made up of 7 women and five men, many with ties to the penn state community. >> jury is as it should be and that is representative of the community where this crime occurred and where it is being held. >> jurors heard victim number four detail what he described as love letters he received from sandusky, letters he described as creepy. the accuser scheduled to testify today is the young man
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whose mother contacted authorities four years ago starting the investigation that led to the charges. the jury in the roger clemens purgery case could begin deliberating today. as early as this afternoon. closing arguments are expected to end today. on monday, clemens went up to the podium and told the judge he would not testify. in all jurors heard from 46 witnesses over 26 days of testimony. clemens is accused of lying to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs during a hearing on capital hill in 2008. it is 7:21 a.m. on tuesday morning more backlash following abrupt resignation of uva president, theresa sullivan. why faculty leaders are demanding a full explanation. mayor from michigan is on a mission to keep jobs here in the good old usa. back in a moment when mitt romney says
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"planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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more details, that is what
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the faculty senate at the university of virginia is demanding. they say they want a full explanation from the uva board about why it abruptly fired president sullivan. that news went public sunday. she has only been on the job two years. the board indicated it felt sullivan lacked long range vision. washington post reports sullivan and her husband are both tenured professors at uva and welcome to remain on the faculty there. mayor from lansing michigan is launching a new coalition on capital hill today. the association called mayors for america, will lead a buy local buy american campaign. drive economic growth and job creation in cities all across the country. if mayors in the coalition can't find goods needed in their community, it will be a national purchasing network to find products and services offered by other participating communities. the push to ban large sugary drinks from new york city eateries is moving
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forward. mayor bloomberg's proposal will be formerly submitted this morning the board is expected to hold a series of public hearings during a 90 day comment period ban on drinks over 16-ounces would apply to only sweetened options that contain more than 25 calories per 8-ounces. new yorkers are divided on this ban. new report finds hospitals in the u.s., are noisy, anyone who stayed overnight, knows that beeping monitoring, pagers, and phones and even squeaky laundry carts can make it difficult to sleep. new research suggests hospitals need a prescription for quiet get this, the places with the sickest patients, the icu intensive care units were found to be the loudest. my mom was just in the hospital, it is loud. i know they are trying to take care of people but you need ear plugs. time 7:26 a.m., nationals extend their win streak and there is a new stanley cup
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champion, this morning, you will see someone kiss that cup i believe, sports coming your way next. folks at apple are distancing themselves from google and teaming up with facebook. what else consumers can expect to see from the tech company in future. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side, the commute, well under way. we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren as we continue on tuesday morning and that's our quarterly wrap-up -- any thoughts? wow. outstanding. off the charts. boo-yah! excelente! that went well. add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today.
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they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. in sports, nats just keep on winning. we are loving this last night against the blue jays, adam la roar and rick both homered and rookie, bryce harper he is just on fire he wins 3 for 4 with an rbi and 2 run score. nats all over toronto, 6-3 their fourth win in a row, two teams go at it again tonight. red skins kicked off a four game minicamp monday. today's practice is open to media. the fox 5 sports team is covering all the action and will be live from red skins park begins 5:00 p.m. tonight. allison. and move over lakers, scooch it over dodgers, hockey is king for los angeles fans this morning kings beat the
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devils in game 6 to clench the series. and the organizations first ever stanley cup. this one played out at the staples center final 6, to 1. i was kind of hoping though, that the kings -- who won? yeah, but the the opposite team the devils would win because you know if we didn't do it i would want some body in our -- >> i see >> chef but okay good for you. >> at least you got to use the line hockey is king. >> for sure. >> l.a. kings. >> do you get comments from people in grocery stores when the weather and good. >> no, not so much. >> ladies you have heard it when the weather is good -- >> do you want >> sure. >> on the cheek. >> depending on the situation. showers moving through the area, there you go. showers at this hour, filling in. most of us will get showers shortly, not maybe at your house at the moment, it will be
7:32 am
any time as we've got blocks of showers moving into the west part of a cold front and of course all that moisture in florida last couple days is streaming north that is why we are seeing the rain showers. earlier, if we had rain showers north and east and you can see, bigger picture satellite radar cold front autoto the west. i toe -- out to the west. enough cool and dry air out behind it it will squeeze out that moisture. with on again off again showers and the possibility, we will get thunderstorms going as well later today. how much rain are we looking at? well, we haven't picked up a whole lot in the past week or so. any where between a half inch to an inch of rain in immediate washington area expected with this particular system looks like the heaviest rain, north and east where they are expecting an inch toward new york city. here in the east, washington
7:33 am
corridor, half inch to an inch of rain. temperatures, warm, very muggy, highs in washington. 70 leonard town. your forecast, showers and storms likely 80 degrees, definitely umbrella weatherings winds out of the south, 5 to 10 miles per hour. 67 the overnight low early showers and storms then i think late tonight we will clear out and then tomorrow morning probably a decent sunrise. most of the rain showers should be out of here by midnight. there is your 5 day forecast. wednesday looks great thursday a shower friday and saturday look great as well highs low to mid-80s, low humidity, we are setting up for a great looking weekend right now. something to look forward to. that is weather let's do traffic and see if anybody is moving out there on the roads this morning. lauren has your latest. we have been following an ugly situation on the belt way montgomery county. wet roadways and several accidents reported let's take a live look from traffic land.
7:34 am
traffic is slow in both directions on the belt way here at university boulevard to the right of the screen that is the inner loop that stands out from a wreck, i-95, tieing up the left side of the ramp outer loop, heavy before new hampshire avenue, to 355 where we did have an earlier crash. good news that cleared out, damage is done here both directions to have belt way montgomery county, heavy and slow. 66, heavy, fairfax county, route 50, towards 123 dealing with delays outer loop of the belt way virginia, leaving the belt way headed toward van dooren. look for the latest off and on from dale city up towards newington 395 from the belt way towards king street and again here across the 14th street bridge. let's look at waze we were seeing delays, inbound new york avenue, 295. we had a fox 5 wazer write in there was a car stopped on the shoulder maybe leading to tie ups there. fox 5 on time traffic. time to pay attention to will
7:35 am
thomas and talk a little tech. if you are a techy like lauren this one is for you. apple kicked off its annual worldwide developer conference monday when developerdesigners of apple software get together to collaborate and receive feedback. before you think this is too inside baseball for me there are changes all of us will notice let's bring in the lead editor of tua, unofficial apple web blog, mike rose good morning. >> good morning. >> apples flag snip, mac book pro is changing. it is apple continuing to sell the existing mac book air and pro line s with a few speed updates and improvements but introduced a new top of the line mac book pro that includes, solid state drives, retina display so you are going to see a much thinner much lighter, mac pro with a premium
7:36 am
price point. >> what is that starting point? i understand it is over $2,000. >> it is i believe $2,199 for the base model it is steep. >> steep but i guess if you are into it it has a lot of new techno logical things. i understand it has far more possibilities like this integrated graphics new retina display talk about that. >> well, the retina display, idea apple introduced with iphone 4. it is a screen that you can't see the individual pixels it is as if you are looking at reality that is how finally detailed the screen. iphone 4 was the first device that had that new ipad has a retina display in terms of number of pixels and this is the first laptop that will have a retina display. for anyone dealing with video, photograph, doing design work this is a screen that will really knock your socks off. >> assuming you have the extra $2,100 how soon should we consider upgrading to the new technology. >> well, depends how long you
7:37 am
have been waiting. a number of people, as they see these laptops coming in the distance they start holding off on upgrade cycles. this is available now. it is probably not for everybody but certainly worth looking at if you are in the market for a new laptop. the existing mac book pros apple was selling are there and at a lower price point as well. we are looking at iphone. siri is integrated with far more possibilities i can ask siri make a restaurant reservation. >> that's right. this is the version of siri coming in 6, coming later this year and siri now has a lot more awareness of things in the world, like sports scores, traffic, restaurant reservations, you will be able to ask for quite a few more things and get feedback that is more constructive and keen to what you are looking for. we have been talking about this all morning long, apple is
7:38 am
replacing google maps with its own application what do we know about that. >> well, apple's maps application will be a big step for the company dependence on google maps, as you mention has been an issue, it meant that apple wasn't in control of the experience for a big piece of the mobile platform. maps are very important location date is very important what apple is doing is a couple things providing turn by turn directions for free which is something the android platform has had for awhile is iphone has not had. that will use tom, tomss map. it will have spoken turn direction, spoken turn by turn on all ios devices starting with 6. the bottom line mike is apple doesn't have to rely on its partner competitor the bring new map features to apple devices. >> exactly. co-op decision it has been involved in and become a little uncomfortable they are trying to separate that a little. hopefully tech editors like yourself will test it out so we can start reading reviews.
7:39 am
thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. making my brain hurt a little bit. all right, time now 7:39 a.m., watch your language. one town is making the potty mouths among them pay up. details on the swearing ban, as we continue. a story that made headlines around the world for decades, this morning a ruling in the case, of a little girl who disappeared in the australian out back 30 years ago.  we're e sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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well, controversy in georgia making head leans this morning the kkk wants to adopt a highway in the peach state. georgia officials say they might not be able to stop it. they applied to georgia department of transportation and offered to pick up garbage along a state road in the appalachian mountains. state officials could deny the request but it could end up ending the program.
7:43 am
>> turns out a din go did take her baby. a no norcourse case back in 1980 that -- notorious case back in 1980, that initially led to a murder conviction. she always claimed a ding go, a wild dog native to australia, took the little girl. residents in middleboro, the police chief imposed a $20 fine for swearing in public. it aims to crackdown on large profanity downtown areas and public parks. let me say something i wish it wasn't so easy to curse, in some public places here. it is always like -- >> you feel like you hear it a lot? >> i do. especially young women i don't like to see young women doing it young men either but when the girls are around too and then i am just like -- >> it is so funny those of us
7:44 am
who worked in tv so many years we are so used to having microphones on, swear words are just not in our vocabulary. >> we could have a swear jar just carry it around. hey, put $1 in the swear jar. >> give it to charity. any way you know what i mean? i am hesitant to be can you please stop talking. >> do you have a little potty mouth over there? >> no, i heard a mom yesterday on her cell phone in the grocery store, swearing to some body she had two little kids there. >> i don't like that. >> too bad. >> weather forecast, rain showers, hopefully that won't make you so upset you feel like you have to swear. >> get the warning from you, have your umbrella, no swear words when you get wet. drawing moisture from the south, cold front out west, need the rain, dry, last week or two we will take showers while we can get them most of the week will be dry and seasonal as we get into the middle and end of the week.
7:45 am
put it in motion, see if we can find it scattered showers at this hour, will become more numerous and intense later today. there we are at 1:00 p.m. suggesting, pretty good rain across the area and even the possibility of a few thunderstorms developing future cast trying to pull some thunderstorms together, across southern maryland, late virginia, late this afternoon early evening. who knew it would all be out of here, late tonight, wednesday, featuring partial sunshine, temperatures low 80s lower humidity, 08 today -- 80 today, check out your 5 day, friday, saturday looks great, low to mid-80s. >> like it tucker thank you. >> let's check to see if the rain is causing problems on the road. lauren demarco is standing by. hey, guys a very busy day on the roads friender benders all over the place be careful if you are heading out there. we are getting a lot of feedback on waze today a lot of folks encountering these incidents travelling on the
7:46 am
belt way green belt getting reports now of traffic there, as well on the outer loop, and someone actually submitted a photo for us, you can tell, hopefully it is the passenger there, looks like this side of the car. we don't want anybody taking pictures behind the wheel, using your key board behind the wheel either. we have been dealing with a wreck on the inner loop approaching 95, college park on the ramp there, left side of the ramp tied up, described as a major accident we did hear it was a car over turned live look at traffic land if you are travelling the inner and outer loops through montgomery county going to see delays in both directions we had an earlier crash on the outer loop near 355 that tied things up there. the left of your screen, jammed new hampshire avenue and inner loop, 95 and college park. 270, rockville down toward the split bethesda you will find delays heading from clarks burg past father hurly boulevard belt way heavy in virginia leaving the mixing bowl heading up through annandale inner and
7:47 am
outer loop, closed to van dooren street. 95 looking better heading up towards springfield, 395, off and on leaving the belt way, towards king street and crossing the 14th street bring that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic allison. thanks lauren. first lady michelle obama will be at a local barnes and noble today. she is promoting her new book, called american grown. the story of the white house kitchen garden and gardens across america. she will sign books 12th street, northwest later this morning. to attend the signing you must have a special wristband handed out on a first come first served basis last week so sorry about that. >> one of the reasons she is in such great shape she is out there gardening. >> your muscles start the get big and strong. a graduation class in pennsylvania, matched an old world record >> it came to a suffer surprise as many of the graduates, 13 sets of twins graduated from council rock
7:48 am
high school. some identical, some paternal most students at the school had no idea they had 13 sets of twins in just one class >> i think it is cool. >> pretty awesome. 13 sets of twins. >> woman debt tiff? >> no, -- competitive? >> no, because i always win. >> he is laughing. >> he loves doing this he did one thing that he is better at and that is being anchorage ray tore. -- passenger later. they equaled a world record set in 2010 for twins graduating at once a class in indiana reportedly broke that record this month, with 14 sets of twins. something in the water. >> sure is. stay away from that town. 15 years ago i can go now. it's okay. learning slump when schools is out for summer break. >> three main tips for parents to help kids avoid this trend during the next couple months.
7:49 am
education consultant rick has more on that as we continue. pgh >> time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day today's honor, amani peels she and her son cj watch fox 5 morning news every day today happens to be cjs sixth birthday, so happy birthday cj. >> look what he is wearing i am sure that is a metro shirt. >> 6 months? did i say that wrong? >> okay. >> 6th birthday perhaps that is an old old picture >> i see that. >> happy birthday for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day log on to facebook and comment under amani's adorable picture. we will be right back lysol invites you to take the dual action wipes challenge.
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welcome back. everybody. we are looking -- okay. >> rain in the forecast allison i am just doing what they tell me let me send it over to you. you have business to take care of. >> thanks so much will. well, you don't want your kids to spend all summer forgetting what they have learned in school this past year. education consultant, rick kamal and our lovely sage, rick and his wife came up with the summer slide program to keep kids entertained and keeping them on the path to learning. rick joins us with tips on keeping your kids if learning mode. besides being an education consultant he is president of ed u nova. this is something near and dear to most parents hearts. will my child just forget everything they learned this school year. you say they don't have to. >> absolutely don't have to.
7:54 am
we found you can do two things over the summer. the brain is like a muscle you don't exercise it you get weak if you just spend five focused hours a week you can prevent summer slide and actually prepare yourself for a great next year. >> three major tips you brought along props to tell us how to do this. three main points do you want to go through those for us. >> sure. got to make a schedule. set aside those five hours, and block them off for specific activity. if you write it down, you will do it in fact, it is a 15 times greater chance you will actually do it if you put it in the calendar than if you don't >> because we are so scheduled in the school year maybe we should be in the summer months as well. >> exactly. >> second point. >> you want to participate in activities that keep the brain active, so, and keep you from sliding behind. most kids fall two months behind in math and science. if you can do like science
7:55 am
activities, at home, you can keep that mind going. so we've got examples here, kids love having secrets, secret hand shakes you can make an invisible ink at home. lemon, swab right on paperings invisible ink. >> really. >> an hour later put it in front of a bright light it will warm up, become brown and you've got your print. now the kids will ask will this work with a lime will this work with an orange can i put it in the freezer will it work? gets them thinking the right way that is the thing. >> okay. what else did you bring before we move on? >> sure these other experiments things we can do at home. >> absolutely. a water bottle, mix some oil and water together. what happens? can you mix them? no matter how hard you shake can you mix them? why? what is the question. what if you try with different liquid. starts getting the kids thinking about liquids, density, all those critical things, that are associated with science.
7:56 am
>> excellent. excellent. all right, and before we move on i got to know potatoes. >> well, this is a potato obviously but if you try to stick a straw into it it doesn't work if you take a straw and hold it from the top and stick it in, goes right in. >> now i am learning something. >> why is that? >> right. >> now you start exploring and learn about the air pressure,. >> love it the third major tip because our time is fleeting of course, what is the third tip. >> it is about study strategy. most kids fall way behind, you know they are getting cs instead of bs and bs instead of as because they don't know study strategies. we have found 30 strategies you can learn over the summer if you learn them within 90 days you can boost your gpa 21%. >> wow okay. well, of course we are out of time i have to pass along an e- mail we will link it to ours we are we are if you want to do it on your own. visit how to study, and you can find all
7:57 am
these tips over there. >> okay. >> got to do it. got to do it you owe it to the kids. >> that's right. >> not just the pool and fun this summer will . i am determined. >> that is, how to study best i am sure you will get a lot of traffic. celebrating caribbean heritage month with the taste of a new jamaican restaurant in dc. day two to have jerry sandusky trial. coming up next, criminal defense attorney, joins us live to break down one of the testimony's which started with a prosecution star witness. that is coming up in our next hour that and a whole lot more, as fox 5 morning news continues after this. 7:57 a.m. that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
7:58 am
7:59 am
this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving.
8:00 am
there's a lot riding on these rails. straight ahead, a day of graphic testimony in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the latest from inside the courtroom and a closer look at the case,. polls are open, we will
8:01 am
tell you what is at stake in today's virginia primary and a look at the other race ace cross the nation. >> later, metro's new plan for security and customer service. what it means for you if you ride the rails. good morning i am will thomas tony has the day off. a little vacay and i am allison seymour. remember that when tony is back all tanned next week. >> okay. >> hopefully not sun burned he said he was bringing very little. hopefully sun screen was among the items. >> i don't really see tony sunning himself do you? >> i don't either. >> yeah, but hot weather destination, so it is not about laying out just about being there. >> right. >> okay. let me do the weather forecast real quick and see if tony can send us some pictures. wouldn't it be fun to skype with him or something. shower activity moving in, out to the west, showers starting to kind of become better organized here. definitely umbrella day for
8:02 am
tuesday, showers perhaps a thunderstorm during the course of the day. not going to rain all day long but you can see showers becoming a little more intense here in the last couple minutes. looks like a shower in northwest washington plenty of rain out west, winchester, fort morgan. regan national, 71 degrees, dulles, 69, bwi marshall, 69, very sticky, dew point temperatures, running many the upper 60s that is uncomfortable, humidity, 100%, rain showerhazy across the region. let's do your forecast today plenty of clouds you might see a rain of sunshine here or there. coastal flood advisory just issued until tomorrow morning tides running 1 to 2 feet above normal. along the bay, potomac, watch out for high tide. >> >> i guess with all this rain we might check to see if it is effecting the commute. hi lauren. very likely because it has been a very rough day a lot of friender benders around town
8:03 am
and major arteries seeing a lot of volume and accidents let's talk about the belt way in maryland. we do have very heavy delays inner loop approaching 95, college park because of an earlier wreck on the ramp. 295 tieing up the left side of the ramp and we can move on to traffic land, the outer loop, also, heavy and slow, in a typical stretch, before new hampshire avenue, all the way around to bethesda but delays beginning prince georges counties, on the brakes, route 50 all the way around to meet up with delays, 270, slowing from father hurly, toward the split in bethesda. 66 heavy and slow from 7100 here past maples mills, before 123, toward the belt way, belt way virginia, inner loop closed through annona dale, outer loop, mixing bowl, past van dooren. 395, past ed sell and again, here from the 4th pentagon to fourth street bridge.
8:04 am
will. thanks lauren. topping today's top stories trial of jerry sandusky. another witness will take to the stand to testify against the former penn state assistant football coach. yesterday the very first witness known as witness four, told the jury he regretted keeping his alleged sexual abuse at the hands of sandusky a secret. the now 28-year-old man claims the 68-year-old coach molested him in the locker room and hotels and tried to buy his silence with gifts and trips. we will have a closer look at the scandal that rocked state college later with a one on one with a former public defender. coming up. also today a jury will hear closing arguments in the purgery case against former mlb pitcher roger clemens. could begin liberations soon. clemens never took the stand. he is accused of lying to
8:05 am
congress about using steroids. well, it is primary day, in the common wealth today voters in virginia will hit the polls to pick the republican candidate for u.s. senate. other races on the ballot include the u.s. house district 8, democratic party, that is the seat held by jim morran, a republican candidate will be chosen in district 11 to face gerry connelly in fall, voters in alexandria are choosing democratic candidates for city council. polls are also open in maine, nevada, north dakota, south carolina but many democrats will watch a special election in arizona. voters there will cast ballots in a special election to replace gabby giffords. democrats hope a late campaign appearance bin the recovering congress woman will help push her former aide, ron barber he hand picked successor to victory. republican challengers are trying to make it a referendum on president obama, giffords
8:06 am
resigned in january one year after she survived an assassination attempt. >> president obama taking a trip up i-95 for a pair of fundraisers in baltimore. he is expected to attend a lunch at owings mills home of a real estate developer and speak at a hotel in inner harbour. tickets range from $10,000 to $50,000. mitt romney also in the baltimore area later tonight, he and his wife ann hosting a fundraising reception at bwi marriott with the former governor. donation to attend tonight's dinar pretty penny $15,000 per head. before heading to baltimore, romney is campaigning aten event in orlando -- at an event in orlando starting in an hour. white house lost its commerce secretary for the time being. john bryson will take medical leave while he under goes tests
8:07 am
and evaluation. rebecca blank will take over while he recovers. over the weekend bryson suffered a seizure in connection with two traffic accidents in the l.a. area he faces, hit and run charges for one of them a white house spokesperson says the president's thoughts are with bryson and his family. one of our big stories after months of gathering your feedback metro is taking action and responding to concerns. right now they are launching a new customer service action plan. sherry lee is live in northwest with details how this plan is expected to improve safety and really the pleasure when you are on the rails. rider ship good morning. >> well, that is the plan allison and will. you know metro riders know this system is not perfect and not afraid to let the agency know it. customer service action plan will address some of those complaints. it was developed in a survey of metro customers employees, list of complaints, safety, security, communication, issues span all of metro's service,
8:08 am
rail, bus and to fix problems here is what some of metro is doing. improve lighting, address cars they will be cleaned more often real time bus information will be provided at bus stops, metro access riders confused about fares will have a fare calculator to use and developing real time remote esculator monitoring to respond to broken esculators, more training done with managers, supervisors and bus operators to improve service. we will train 100 front line employees on customer service making improvements to smart trip, improving lighting in stations temperature control. >> the 50 point plan is being phased in something you will notice immediately other things will be added over the coming months, or years. here is one just in time for summer we know we see these complaints all the time about the hot rail cars, the hot stations, and the hot buses, well, metro says, it is going
8:09 am
to implement, a remote temperature monitoring system at all rail stations, by mid- july. so, you won't have to let them see you sweat. all right thanks sherry. a pair of wild fires out west continue to burn out of control. at least one person has now died. right now crews are battling the flames in colorado and mexico. crews in rocky mountain state say they have made progress but so far have not had any luck containing it. lightning is being blamed for the blaze. meanwhile the fires in new mexico, now the state's largest burning so far, 435 square miles. of course allison hundreds of people evacuated from their homes. it is 8:09 a.m., right now tuesday morning. coming up a closer look at the case against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. >> just in time for a major anniversary one of the regions most famous crime scenes getting a make over.
8:10 am
first disturbing case of domestic violence caught on tape. you are watching fox 5 morning news. we will be right back  [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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making headlines police in florida arrested a man accused of setting the mother of his child on fire. officials released this surveillance video from the gas station in florida. you can see the woman engulfed in flames and hear her screaming for help the attacker poured gasoline on the victim before lighting her on fire >> that is hard to watch. navy investigating a crash of a military drone on the eastern shore. it is taken off from the naval air station just across the chesapeake bay. the global hawk drone was on a training flight, no injuries from the crash. the proposal to ban large sugary drinks from new york city eateries will be formerly submitted to the city's board of health. this morning the board is expected to hold a series of
8:14 am
public hearings. the ban would apply only to sugary drinks that contain more than 16-ounces and 25 calories per 8-ounces >> mayor bloomberg is all over people eating healthy. >> trying to make us healthier >> i guess so. tucker barnes standing by, but first you have a little something for us. >> i do n. fact let's get to it. cuteness factor of the day officially my first five photo of the day. >> what is this? >> this everybody is our featured child, 7 week old rickey edward williams junior. >> big name for a little guy. >> i thought twins maybe. >> here is what is going on he is more officially known as little rickey. >> lil rickey. >> that is easier to say. >> wasn't that from lucy. little rickey. >> his proud mom says, that he is the first child and he is showing off two faces, his happy face and his mad face
8:15 am
>> my goodness. >> just like all of us. >> beyond adorable. >> when i get up every morning at 3 i feel more like the right and end of the day. >> on the left i am more like little rickey after a cup of coffee. >> so precious. >> we love the picture to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. let's do weather and i think you are going to have that face on the right when you see your forecast today, a lot of rain in the forecast. shower activity, filling in here from the west, out to the west, 66, out towards front royal, getting down towards gainsville, pretty good showers, they will be with us for most of the day. open it up for you, we mentioned the rain into florida, it is a cold front out west that will push this through and squeeze out the atmosphere later. eventually the possibility of a few thunderstorms later this
8:16 am
afternoon. how much rainfall? any where between a half inch and an inch of rain by this time tomorrow then we will clear things out, quiet things down as we get into the end of the week. forecast today, 80 degrees with rain showers expected then clear out, temperatures, seasonal, there you go by the end of the week. that is a look at your forecast, more details this minute. lauren. talking about virginia, travelling northbound, 95, things cleared up looking better across the occoquan. 395, live look from traffic land, starting to ease, leaving the belt way you will find things heavy and slow before the pentagon, head across the 14th street bridge. just volume as far as we know at this point. travelling the belt way virginia, delays inner loop from the mixing bowl, off and on up through annandale, outer loop, slows from the mixing bowl to van dooren street. belt way maryland is a mess outer loop, delays, green belt all the way around, into montgomery county, towards 355. want to look at waze real quick. we have been getting a heads up
8:17 am
about folks headed south bond maryland, delays i-95, beltsville, got that in from fox 5 wazer also columbia pike, southbound delays reported there and bw parkway travelling south we did traffic for you as well. will over to you. the proution and defense facing off in opening statements month, in the trial of retired penn state football coach jerry sandusky. the 68-year-old is battling against 52 criminal counts denying charges he sexually abused tenuous, over 15 years one alleged victim took to the stand saying he wrote him quote creepy love lettertried to initiate sex. chris is with us a former public defender now a criminal defense attorney good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> in criminal accusation cases involving sex, accusers credibility is paramount. defense is going after at least one of the accusers, trying to
8:18 am
impugn his credibility because he hires a civil attorney perhaps suggesting money is a motive. it is rather man, there would be a civil case following someone especially some body who is a public figure, with this kind of allegation. let's face it penn state has a deep pocket, whether or not the university at some point could be found at fault is an issue. naturally, that is a motive. >> you don't think it is unusual to see alleged victims in cases like this, pony up with civil attorneys. >> not guilty at all. i have had -- not at all. i have had cases and many others have, where a civil case follow as criminal case. if there is a conviction, it is easy to get a civil judgment. in this case, it is not unusual. it doesn't mean it is not true but never the less a motive. natural they would bring it up. that doesn't surprise me at all. >> defense is laying out a case of david and goliath, all the victims represent goliath and little david is sandusky.
8:19 am
is this a hail mary pass going after the alleged victims suggesting they are in it for money. >> first of all because of the number of accusers and because of the public nature of it and everything else, suberously it is an -- obviously it is an under dog battle for defense. one thing interesting about what defense appears to be doing, is embracing, some of the oddnesses of sandusky we all see they will be able to prove like they have been saying the creepy letters, the odd behaviours, and it hasn't been talked about a lot but there is a motion before the court to try to bring forward, sandusky has been diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder it basically is characterized by flamboyant, attention seeking behaviour that could explain some of his quirkness. >> if these charges are true, is it your experience predators often see what they are doing
8:20 am
as not wrong? >> that could -- certain types of predators, yes. some body who might simply not believe that what he was doing was wrong and i have no idea think thing about mr. sandusky personally, however, it may be he was engaging in extremely odd behaviours, and yet, might not be guilty of some of this specific allegations they need to make serious felony charges. for example we can already tell from evidence, that he was inappropriately clothed with some of these kiddid so i thinks no parent would want their child any where near. no question about that. yet again, i think defense will say, just because he is weird, just because he was acting in these ways, that is something different. >> inappropriate in the eyes to have law. let me ask you this in opening statements defense suggested sandusky may take the stand that will occur? ear from him. >> i think because defense essentially said it it is very
8:21 am
likely to occur in this kind of case w number of allegations, with everything else, it may be the case, simply -- there is no other way >> again could be a hail mary look take the stand tell them you are innocent. >> mow the jury has been told that they are going to wait for it. that will be a big event. >> how do you explain that. >> when everyone else testifies, it means perhaps they will listen to the defense attorneys plea to wait, wait until you hear. >> final 15 seconds here, the jury not sequestered many have ties to penn state are you surprised by that? >> it is very very rare to sequester a jury in any case, extremely rare so i am not surprised by that and also based on some of the jury selection here, this is such a small community, i mean there are jurors on this case, that are familiar with the parents of some of the accusers i mean it is just a small community and appears almost impossible to stop. >> chris, good insight today,
8:22 am
the case continues, trial continues today thanks for joining us. allison. thank you, 71 degrees on tuesday morning. a little later nhl crowns a new stanley cup champion. >> working out with a special twist inside the regions only glow in the dark gym. first, what to expect when water gate gets a modern make over. we will be right back
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
seven prince georges county firefighters injured while battling a house fire in river dale heights will be honored. donna edwards is going to personally thank the firefighters and their families some of them were treated and released within hours of the blaze back in february, others spent days in the hospital. will. also today first lady michelle obama will be at a local barnes and noble promoting her new book american grown t story of the white house kitchen garden and gardens across america. mrs. obama will sign books on the store at 12th street northwest later today, in order the attend the signing you have to have a special wristband handed out on a first come first served basis last week.
8:26 am
so, maybe just avoid the area. a lot of traffic you know with her detail. >> you know it will be. >> 40 years ago this sunday, five men were arrested, for breaking into democratic headquarters at the water gait hotel. it launched the political scandal that ended with president nixon becoming the first u.s. president to resign from office. next week a major renovation project will transform the building the scene of that infamous break-in back on june 17th, 1972. i remember years ago looking at a konerko in that building. >> just so glamorous to me, that aside, just sitting -- >> i rebel tore the condo fee. >> a little bit too. >> time 8:26 a.m. tuesday morning after our next half hour, -- in our next half hour i should say, why the phrase all things in moderation may be especially true when it comes to exercise. dr. mike joins us live with details.
8:27 am
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the trial of jerry sandusky. witness number one will take to the stand to testify against the former penn state assistant football coach. yesterday the first witness, known as witness number four told the jury reregretted keeping his alleged sexual abuse a secret. he claims the 68-year-old coach, molested him in a locker room and hotels and tried to buy his silence. sandusky faces 52 charges but denies them all. polls now open in virginia on this primary day. voters are choosing a republican candidate, for u.s. senate other races on the ballot include u.s. house districts 8, democratic primary. republican candidate will be chosen in district 11 to face,
8:31 am
gerry connelly in the fall and voters in alexandria are choosing democratic candidates for city council. polls will remain open until 7:00 p.m. this evening. >> which metro is launching its -- metro is launching its new customer service action plan. they are hoping their 50 point plan will include safety and service, throughout the system. as part of the initiative they are adding more police, stepping up cleaning in rail cars creating a way to respond to broken esculators. that will all be great as soon as it gets super hot this summer the last thing you want to do is this rep all the way up. what metro always says it is an old system they have to be replaced that comes with -- >> they are working hard. >> i think so >> just like you are >> i think so. yeah, been here several hours already. >> it is good when the maps are working. >> maps working rain to talk about too. it has been moving in since late night hours early this
8:32 am
morning if you were up and just bring an umbrella. showers in the forecast maybe a thunderstorm too. had to break the news to spencer earlier on the telephone she might not be going to a pool party. postponed not cancelled. a little rain she is already wet in the pool >> i know but lightning and all that. >> potential for thunderstorms might not be your pick of the week. radar, showing shower activity, rain has been redeveloping out west. south and west of the city, check out winchester and front royal, pretty good rains. not raining every minute but midday hours we will have a good soaking rain across much of the region. could be thunderstorms as well. we mention that as the frontal system moves in from the west. the big picture, a cold front and all the moisture, that has
8:33 am
been training up from florida, moving in that combination will give us a wet one. good news the cold front will be east of us, and should see gradually cheering skies. future cast in motion, midday, showers, potential for thunderstorm activity looks like it wants to develop it, south of the city, and then we will clear the whole thing out of here overnight tonight and most of the week should be nice and dry, less humidity around here. gradually more comfortable as we get into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning looking at sunshine already breaking out across the area. by tomorrow afternoon lots of sunshine your five day forecast. 80 this afternoon showers and storms in the forecast, your five day temperatures 80, by saturday, right now, weekend looks great. all right allison toss it back to you at the desk. the old saying all things in moderation may be true especially when it comes to exercise. if you work a lot of long hours
8:34 am
you could put yourself at more risk for heart attack, and diabetes, dr. mike is with us, with details, good morning to you. >> hello allison how are you? >> doing well thank you. i am interested in starting things off with these findings, with exercise, i guess some people really over do it what is the research? >> well, in this new study allison, what they found, was that people are running marathons, people doing extreme exercising, for a lot of the time, actually can damage their hearts. what they did was enlarged the heart. i have a heart here with me, and basically, what they found was that the chambers in the heart, ventricles in the top of the heart got bigger there was scarring if you did extreme exercises with running marathons, too much this could lead to problems rhythm problems and heart attacks down
8:35 am
the road. so as my grandfather used to say everything in moderation. i am all about exercise but i am not a big fan of running marathons all the time. it is just not good it causes joint problems and can damage your heart >> also what does it do to muscles dr. mike overtime? can it deplete your muscles? >> well, you can have significant problems. i had a patient who did a triathalon, and he was in his early 60s which is wonderful but he got so dehydrated, he developed a condition known as rabdomiyolosia muscles are damaged and he had to be put in the hospital. if you are out there, unless you are training for olympics or something. you can run, but don't over do it. last question on that is there anything you can do to restore your body, if you stop
8:36 am
working out as much, and sort of you know, bring it back a little bit will that help to reverse damage you have done. ed the dis show allison -- studies show allison this is something for people chronically doing extreme exercising marathons, more than once or twice a year. this is for people addicted to it. everybody out there, do a combination of arrow buck and anaerobic exercise. if you work more than 10 hours a day, it increases your risk of getting some body fat what we call metabolic syndrome can increase your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack. >> why does that happen dr. mike? >> we are not sure as to why 10 hours but it seems that, if you work 10 hours a day, you are going to disrupt your circadian rhythm and you know, everything in life has an ebb and flow you
8:37 am
wake up and your body responds, so, what happens is if you work too many hours, it really disrupts that, and can lead to people having more stress, eating more, and sleeping less. and all of those things can lead to weight gain and if you develop that metabolic syndrome, that is the apple not the pear, you increase your risk of developing all of these problems, and it is just not worth it. 30 seconds how do we work better then under stress do that in 8 hours say? >> well y need to be efficient, lots of people -- well, you need to be efficient lots of people are not efficient in this way they work and handle stress the wrong way. it can be a really good motivational force you just have to use it in a way like you would a glass of wine you don't want to drink a bottle of wine but a glass might be beneficial. so you've got to set some limits, and you need to be able to get your exercise in, within moderation, get your rest
8:38 am
within moderation, and most importantly, be with your loved ones because that is correct kind of feedback and support is going to keep you -- buzz that kind of feedback and support is going to keep you healthy. thank you so much. >> take care allison. will over to you. a glass of wine not a bottle. that is the issue. >> get it? >> time now 8:38 a.m. tuesday morning coming up next celebrating the full which you are and food of the -- culture and food of the coo rain january. we will cook up good food for caribbean heritage month. first melanie alnwick is here with a special sneak peek. hi mel. >> check this out what is going on here. this is a fitness facility here in rockville maryland, fitness for health where these kids are exercising not only their bodies but minds it is a unique concept not only for all sorts of kids but especially to help children with special needs. we will tell you all about that
8:39 am
and i guess i will have to try out a few of these neat toys, coming up in this hour. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:40 am
8:41 am
there are a lot ofs ons local options forgetting fit,
8:42 am
but a new specialty gym has unusual equipment and exercise programs geared toward a specific audience. >> officials says the the only gym in the metro that can be completely transformed into a glow in the dark facility. melanie alnwick is at rockville fitness for health with more. good morning mel. >> reporter: good morning will i think i have a really fun assignment today we are here with mark the president of fitness for health give me an idea of the concept. this is totally different than any gym i have seen. >> the concept is adults, seniors, and really put them into a situation, where we are not only working on the fitness side of things but the cognizant side of things. trying the get them thinking at the same time they are moving we are trying to put a different twist on the way movement is seen. >> we will not see your traditional gym equipment. >> this is one example here. >> for example i what i would do, is give you a medicine ball
8:43 am
here this young man is grabbing this here. hold on one second malcolm. now watch i want to have you come over here. put it right here. >> they are beating me to it. >> boom you get there quick as you can. there you go. quick. what happens here now what are you going. >> working my legs. >> working quads, working that upper body but again melanie you are not really thinking about what you are doing here. now let's come over here what i am going to do here, is for example we can take a different type of weight. the idea of the sand is easier it is catch grab it with one hand. what are we doing here. what is happening you are playing this game but what we are doing not only working on the strength, we are working on that whole core but some of you might be weak in their hand muscles now look at this, grab that here, look at these muscles here. now you are getting that
8:44 am
stimulating there and for someone a senior having trouble gripping things now or a child, trying to get better grip strength, fine motor skills,. >> yeah, quickly show me some of these other pieces here. >> now, this is pretty neat it has a robot you have to follow it. quick reaction, coordination, you are having to follow the cues gain what we are doing this was based on the actual cage fighting what we want to do here, is so what is going to happen here, he lo follow it kick, so again, what it is all stimulating. >> what do we do -- this is a unique machine you helped develop. >> this is called the batter it was invented in united states and i get involved with many of these companies here much of the equipment you see here was designed and made for high end athletes what i cois actually
8:45 am
figure out -- do is actually figure out ways to develop other programming based on that, and then n works on quick reaction, this is number one training device for formula one, race car drivers. what matt is trying to do is follow these quick as you can and again. why are there numbers there is a huge amount of research that takes a cognitive component. this will do math, five times five, two times two. so it is all those types. as you can see it is fun i heard kids saying me next i want to go next. >> because that is what i am trying to do. so many times as adults orchids we don't want to kerr or as kids we don't want to exercise. -- exercise, we don't want to exercise. the way we will do it you got to make fitness fun. >> great. look i know we are looking at
8:46 am
kids here but coming up next segment we will talk to you guys about fitness and how these concepts can also work for older adults so we will have more on that when we come back. thank you melanie. i have got to go to the gym after seeing that segment. time to you beer in caribbean her -- time to usher in caribbean heritage month. it is associated with fun, sea, sand destinations but this is the time to remember millions of caribbean nationals who live in the u.s. and contribute to heritage through finance, politics, art, science and this stuff here food. help me welcome some of my guests, maureen wallace, owner of 876 cafe, her brother michael is chef and doreen thompson the founder of caribbean heritage month. welcome. >> good morning. >> happy caribbean heritage month. >> thank you. >> can we get to the good stuff
8:47 am
first? let's talk about the food and why it is sort of native to the caribbean. so why don't we talk about the soup first. >> for the soup, it is what we call pepper pot soup. it is our version of collard greens but tastes more like spin niche. very good, healthy, it is wildly grown. >> it is like a blender almost like a ground zero pa cho. >> yes. >> do i get to try it? >> big budget forks instead of spoons. my word. oh, it is so good and smooth. >> let me add that, it is an ancient green, one we use in jamaica, very ancient. 7,000 years old. tracing back to the as techs. so it is actually a combination a mixture of indigenous indian
8:48 am
population, in jamaica and the african, enslaved africans who came and created the soup. >> talk about the caribbean population in the district and metro area, we have quite a significant caribbean population. >> yes. at this point i would want to think, maryland has the largest population. but there was a point in the district, not the last century but the one before where jamaicans were the second largest national next to el salvador januarys here with ethiopians not sure where it is today but we have made a significant impact one thing we know, very popular in the area is caribbean food. >> the next one michael, callilou is part of this dish as well. >> yes, stuffed chicken. >> this is sounding like a signature dish here. >> i mean this looks like it will be one of your really popular ones. >> currently, this is only for
8:49 am
special. have it for today and maybe we will introduce it a couple weeks ahead. >> i just made this your special dish. it is so special you can't get it most days. what goes into making this? do you have to pound out the chicken and roll it? >> yes, and make the stuffing for it and then roll that and sear it in a pot. >> how do you cook down the callilou do you sautee, grind it? >> we cut it up and we sautee it pretty much that is it. we sautee it with our native seasoning, onions, peppers,. >> sounds good. i can't really take a bite of this because how would i be able to talk to y'all. let me ask you this. obviously the caribbean is associated with vacations when a lot of us thing i need to
8:50 am
take a break from work you thing i want to jet off to the caribbean, easy the get to, beautiful food is great but this is really, the heritage celebration, throughout the month of june, is really about honouring those who came before us. and their contributions right? >> and there is so many. i mean, for example, harry bellefonte, colin powell, just the list goes on from you know, bob marly and his contributions in terms of changing the musical landscape, throughout the world, so, i might also add that we really want to emphasize, that the food has also been quite significant and under represented and 876 is saying, let's celebrate this indigenous food. >> we certainly are doing that this morning let's talk about this one maureen. >> that is the calilou spring roll. we took again what is native to us and make it into something,
8:51 am
that is familiar to others. so we make a great dish out of it, spring roll i mean it has been -- that is a specialty item. >> well, we want to honor caribbean heritage month honoring the business you just opened it is brand new your grand opening this thursday tell people where it is and what to expect on thursday. >> sure. on thursday we are expecting just a great day we are startingthe grand opening activities, 12:30 p.m., eleanor homes norton will be there a lot of ambassadors. anybody can show up. >> right. but we will be opening our doors to everyone, officially, on thursday. >> congratulations it is not easy opening up a restaurant from what i hear, getting through all the permitting, congratulations give your address real quick. >> 4221 connecticut avenue. >> sounds good doreen, i am getting the big tv wrap.
8:52 am
maureen congratulations, michael congratulations. i will try one of these as we go to break see you in a minute the more products we touch around the sink,
8:53 am
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the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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nba championship kicks off tonight in oklahoma city. the western conference champion thunder take on lebron james and miami heat. miami's second trip in two years. now to hockey devils made a valiant run. >> it all came to an end in game 6 of the stanley cup, finals. >> the i thinks are the kings. the kings are the kings. l.a. kings won their first ever championship by beating new jersey, 6-1. goalie jonathan quick was named playoff mvp. >> miss maryland recently named front runner and first runner up in if miss usa pageant she is back in town.
8:56 am
she is so beautiful and in our studios this morning time now 8:55 a.m. back in a moment the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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thank you for staying with us on this tuesday morning. coming up this hour another emotional day ahead in bellefonte pennsylvania at the jerry sandusky trial as the first alleged victim to come forward prepares to take the stand. why the accusers could pose a challenge to the defense. >> then you spoke and metro listened, sherry lee is live with a look at new plans to accommodate riders demands. a wake up call for parents. new study finds young children are intentionally cutting themselves to cope with stress. we will speak with a psychologist about what is causing this trend and what you can do to help your child or prevent that from happening in the beginning.


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